ACL Update - 2 Months Post Op!

For those of you who don't know, I tore my ACL in January 2020 and am finally recovering after having my surgery on the 1st of April. You can catch up on the journey so far here.

2 months post-op honestly sounds like far less than where I'm at! I feel like it's 3 or 4 months already because most of the movements I require in daily life are pretty much back to normal. I can walk, I'm almost allowed to run and I can perform most gym exercises fairly normally. Tragically, I'm still decently far off barbell squats though :'c

So what have I been up to?


My PT/boyfriend/life motivator helped me out of my initial terrified of the gym slump by giving me a 6 day a week program. Initially it was still anxiety inducing because I hated the feeling of interrupting his training to ask how to do something that he'd already taught me before but I'd forgotten.

The silver lining of my injury is that It definitely helped me at least show up to the gym every day because my physio exercises need to be done twice a day. I still struggled to actually finish the assigned exercises when I felt too insecure about hounding my boyfriend though. Eventually, I started videoing every exercise and writing down his key tips on each exercise so I know what to focus on before each set.

Honestly, being forced by my injury to train in a gym mindset has been amazing for me. In the last week I've begun enjoying the earphones in, zoned out from the world feeling so much that I wake up at 5-7am every day for my morning rehab and training and usually go back at around 1-3pm for rehab round two, cardio and deep stretching.

I must admit that training legs is still really emotionally taxing because it used to be the strongest part of my body and the most fun to train before injury. Now when I push hard on leg days, it's mostly me unable to cope with the stiffness in my knee that pushes me to failure, rather than regular muscular failure

For anyone curious, this is my current routine.

General Routines:


12x Heel Slides

3 x 12 Box Squats

10/leg Banded Clams

Banded Crab Walks

3 x 12 Calf Raises (1 double leg, 2 single leg)

3 x 12 Left Leg Floor Taps (standing on box)

3 x 12 Leg Press (1 double leg, 2 single leg)

1 min Eyes Closed, Single Leg Balance

Daily Afternoon Training


30 mins bike

Deep stretch & foam roll

Sunday - Legs


Kneehab Routine with extra weight

Superset x3

10x Box Squat & 1 min Wall Sit

Superset x3

10x Wide Leg Squat & 10/Leg Lunges

Afternoon Training Routine

Monday - Back/Chest

Kneehab Routine

3 x 5 Pullups

3 x 10 Lat Pull Downs

3 x 10 Inclined Row Variation

3 x 8 Dumbbell Pendelay Rows

3 x 10 Arched Back Rows

3 x 12 45° Lat Pull Downs

Afternoon Training Routine

Tuesday - Arms

Kneehab Routine

3 x 5 Pullups

Superset x3-5

10x Dumbbell Shoulder Press

10x Lateral Raise

Superset x3-5

10x Bicep Curls

10x Hammer Curls

Superset x3-5

10x Cable Tricep Pushdowns

10x Cable Tricep Extensions

Afternoon Training Routine

Wednesday - Leg Day Repeat

Thursday - Back/Chest Day Repeat

Friday - Arm Day Repeat

Saturday - Kneehab & Afternoon Training Routine Only

Me trying not to collapse from bridge after morning leg sesh and 30 mins of bike


I'm eating a lot better than I did straight out of surgery where I let being miserable and injured be my excuse for eating multiple tubs of ice cream per week. I've stopped living off hash browns and I'm trying to cook something new every few days at least so I'm forced to eat a few meals worth of something nutritionally balanced before it expires.

A typical day of eating for me looks like this:

7 AM - Cinnamon oats with fruit, pepitas & peanut butter

11 AM - Meal prepped spaghetti

4pm - Vegan meat sandwiches

8pm - Homemade pizza split with my boyfriend <3

I'm still working on having better quick meals prepared because once every 2 days I tend to eat cold soba or furikake rice which are almost 100% carbohydrate meals because I don't have anything more nutritionally balanced already prepared.

I'm also aiming to eventually take my training more seriously and track macronutrients and calories via MyFitnessPal, but that's not an immediate goal of mine because I've previously had some eating disorder type behaviours come up when tracking in the past.

A typical breakkie of oacts and a vegan sandwich for me

and 4 pieces of French toast for Bebe <3


I am truly the happiest I think I have been in a long time. I've spent my early morning gym sessions listening to podcasts on productivity and discipling and reflecting on my personal development goals for the long term. I've come to no longer depend on going to the gym with friends or my partner and instead enjoy the clarity of mind which comes with waking up early and having already finished my workout before breakfast.

I've taken up journaling my big plans for The Life of Littleninjanna, my return to parkour training and my financial goals and check in weekly and daily on my progression toward them. In the morning I create a journal entry with my daily mission (e.g. today's was to be fully present in my relationship and stay off my phone around my boyfriend) and my top three task priorities for the day . At the end of the day I reflect on how well I completed my daily mission and whether my actions for the day have put me closer to or pulled me further away from my 3 big plans.

Me working on my site while sipping on my tea

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