Announcing the Calendar Featured Athletes

I was absolutely delighted to finalise the votes for the calendar project at the end of May and find that across 106 responses, 65 different female athletes had been submitted! I'm intending to share the names of everyone who was voted for in the final calendar but for now I'm happy to announce the top thirteen (as we had a tie for 12th place) athletes who've made it in to be featured:

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Silke Sollfrank, @silky,zigzag Germany

Silke of Team Ashigaru, is an extraordinary athlete who continuously impresses me across her all round strengths with parkour, freerunning and the silky flow for her movement. Her lines are always an incredible delight to watch as they match precision and technique in the smoothest, most aesthetically pleasing ways.

Gwendolyn Neo, @gwendee, Singapore

The global distribution of Gwen's voters shows that in only two years of training, she's captured the attention of many people. Gwen is a personal favourite of mine to watch as she such a bubbly person who is always improving herself and the parkour community and is insanely devoted as an athlete, coach and role model.

Rachel Gough, @rachel_gough, UK

Rachel's movement is always packed with big, powerful jumps, strides and vaults. I love watching how much energy she has in all her videos and the pure confidence with which she throws herself into tough physical and mental challenges.

Hazal Nehir, @hazalnehir, Turkey

My favourite thing about Hazal is that you can watch any video of her and all her movement is insanely clean and flowy, regardless of how many big gaps she covers. Hazal is also really pushing the game with her descents, which get longer and more impressive with every new video she puts out.

Renae Dambly, @renaedambly, USA

Renae's climbing background and time in Germany really shows through in her confidence with everything hang, dyno and swing related. Renae is always putting together strong, clean and creative lines which are always a delight to watch.

Camila Stefaniu, @camilastefaniu, Brazil

Camila Stefaniu combines power movement with creativity in all of her lines. She's a capable parkour and freerunning athlete currently really pushing her training in Lisbon and always has clean movement with minimal extra steps.

Georgia Munroe, @georgia_munroe_pk, UK

Georgia Munroe is an underrated beast with insanely large jumps that she has no problems seamlessly including in the middle of long, techy lines.. As a stunt actress she's always featuring an insane amount of other movement skills she has on her Instagram too!

Sydney Olson, @sydneyolson1, USA

Sydney Olson seriously has it all. She's techy, strong, an amazing freerunner and has recently really been working to increase her flow, which has made a clear improvement. Sydney is always beaming and enjoying herself in her videos, and yet you can still see how extraordinarily hard she pushes herself every session.

Elise Bickley, @elise.bickley, UK

Elise Bickley is a young beast who has been absolutely killing it on the freerunning world stage and has an insane amount of potential as she continues to grow older and more skilled. In addition to the difficulty of her tricks, what really blows me away about her freerunning lines is how she links difficult tricks back to back to back without unnecessary steps and movement between.

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Hikari Izumi, @hhhhi02, Japan

Hikari is so confident with her big jumps that I couldn't believe how short she was in person! She is an absolute powerhouse with an arsenal of creativity and freerunning tricks that she always pulls of confidently. I love the way she makes every speedy, techy, difficult line look insanely effortless.

Lilou Ruel, @lilouruel, France

Anyone can tell with a glance at her Instagram page that Lilou is an amazing freerunning athlete. While her freerunning seriously is on another level, her parkour is also at a really solid level. What blows me away the most however is how seriously disciplined you can tell she is in her parkour training, mindset, strength and conditioning and nutrition from her stories and captions.

Lynn Jung, @lynn_jung, UK

Lynn is a really well rounded athlete whose level of clean movement is on another level. She's probably best known for her incredibly well-controlled handstand videos, but the strength and control displayed in these videos is evident in all aspects of her parkour and freerunning.

Stephania Zitis, @stephiiezee, Australia

Steph is a powerful athlete I have had the pleasure of training with for years. While she has always specialised in explosive jumps and vaults, her recent videos have been pushing for constant improvement in her freerunning and flow too.

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